Big Life Updates

Hi Friends! Well, due to the overwhelming amount of calls and texts I decided to just go ahead and share with the world what is going on in our lives. I titled this as Big Life Updates for a reason – there are a lot of changes happening in the Blair household. I’m not quite sure where to even start..

Atticus is deploying to Afghanistan on Feb 27. :(  His deployment has really sparked a lot of the big life updates so that’s why I started out with it. He’ll be a Platoon Leader for his unit while they’re over there. If anyone wants to know more detail than that I’m happy to give it to you, but I don’t want to put too much info online (there are some crazy people in this world). One of the first questions I’m asked when I tell people that Atticus is deploying is “will you be sad???” Please don’t ever ask me this. Of course, I’m tremendously sad. There are some days where the tears just don’t stop flowing. Then there are other days when I can feel God’s presence and I know He’s watching over Atticus with a million angels and I don’t feel as sad. But yes, having my husband leave for war is terrifying, overwhelming, and just downright miserable. However sad I may feel at times, I know that God is in control and my worrying/stressing/crying will not ever put that control in my hands (not that I would ever want it to be!!). I understand it’s hard for people to really know what to say to me and other family members of deployed soldiers, and a majority of the time we don’t really know what to say either. Sometimes it’s just better to not talk about it at all, but please understand that there isn’t a moment that goes by that we don’t think about our men overseas.

God is still God and God is still good.

Speaking of God being good, I am no longer employed. Hah! But seriously, it’s a great thing. I quit my job about 3 weeks ago because it just wasn’t the place for me anymore. If anyone wants to know the specifics about how/why, I’m more than happy to tell you offline. God provided a window of opportunity outside of my previous employment, and I’m running with it. I feel totally and completely free – and it’s awesome!

Now onto our living situation. Since Atticus is leaving (for we think 9 months – they don’t really give him a return date) I’ve decided to not stay in the Springs while he’s gone. I miss home so much and after praying about it for a few months I’ve decided to move out of our rental, put all our stuff in storage, and drive my car back to South Carolina with the little possessions I need and just jump around between friends and relatives. My parents have so graciously asked me to come stay with them indefinitely and I cannot wait to be back in the South again. Magnolia is obviously coming with me and we plan on just traveling and enjoying life as much as possible while he’s gone. If you’re in the South – hit me up!

Atticus and I have been truly blessed by God over this past year with working out living situations, money, employment, friends, on and on and on. We are so confident that He will continue to provide for us during this challenging time. We’re not the first newlyweds to face a deployment, and we surely won’t be the last. I get told all the time, “let me know how I can help you!” The reality is, being the stubborn and independent girl I am, I’m never going to ask for help unless I’m in big trouble. Praying for us is the best form of help anyone can give. That and not asking me, “how are you!?” — unless you’re prepared to hear a blubbering mess on the other end of the phone. While A is gone I’ll continue to update my blog if there’s any information about him or his unit. Most likely I won’t be able to share much that he tells me, but what I always tell people is “no news is great news”. Thank you for all the love and support that everyone has shown us thus far and I know will continue over this next year.